About Us

Roam, comprised of 218 residential units and 23,000 sq. ft. of commercial space in the first phase, is an extension of the stewards of the land vision set forth by Roam President, Bob Fanch, also co-owner of the sustainably-focused Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa, and his partner, Chip Besse. Their complementary partnership combines decades of development success as well as commitment to stewardship and sustaining Winter Park as a mountain town that is livable for all residents.

Bob Fanch

Bob Fanch, Chairman, is a long time stakeholder in the Fraser Valley, having a home here for 40 years. Twenty years ago he and his wife, Suzanne, acquired Devil’s Thumb Ranch, and together built sustainably focused Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort comprised of 6,500 acres on five ranches along the Continental Divide, adjacent to several hundred thousand acres of Forest Service land.

Roam is the most recent of several endeavors that the Fanches have undertaken in the Fraser Valley-a mix of philanthropic and development effort. The nonprofit off-the-grid Headwaters Center and Headwaters River Journey provides education about the issues of river diversion and water usage. The Ranches at Devil’s Thumb provides a legacy opportunity for 24 families on 550 acres located at Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Hideaway Station is a mixed-use condominium and commercial real estate development that received the 2018 Governor’s Award for Downtown Excellence in Winter Park.

Bob came up with the name “Roam”, as it captured the essence and spirit of the opportunity to explore off the beaten path afforded by Roam’s truly unique location. 

Chip Besse

Chip Besse, a resident of Winter Park for ten years, has been doing cool things and has been actively involved in the community of Winter Park since 2009. Chip and Bob teamed up for the sustainable development in Winter Park at Hideaway Station. Chip brings international big business experience and mountain town ethic with a community-first approach to development, as evidenced by the development at Hideaway Station. Because of his ability to create innovative partnerships with stakeholders, Roam now boasts a diverse portfolio of real estate and commercial options that would not be possible without collaboration amongst a mixture of different interests. 

Roam is being developed by The Fraser River Land Co., a development company located in Grand County, Colorado, dedicated to sustainable developments that enhance communities and preserve both natural and family legacies in the Fraser Valley.

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“Nobody is more acutely aware of the effects of climate change than those who live in a mountain town. To that end, every effort will be made to create an appropriately eco-conscious place.”

Bob Fanch, Chairman, Fraser River Land Company, LLC