This is a special place and we intend to keep it that way. We acquired the land, formerly a dude ranch, to ensure this important gateway to the town of Winter Park grows in a respectful way. We bring a careful hand to this place, as we work to honor and conserve the land around us for generations to come. 

Our hope is to to make Roam a point of pride for Winter Park, Grand County and Colorado with innovative design and a commitment to conservation. In fact, almost 70 percent of Roam is retained as open space. Walkability, dark skies, river restoration and environmental education are all part of what make Roam a community that honors its history and its legacy.


Our Commitment

River Restoration

We began this project with a commitment to the Fraser River. We took care to restore this section of river as a healthy habitat for fish, birds and pollinators. We are committed to ensuring that these waters continue to be a source of enjoyment, education and scientific advancement for generations to come.

Open Space

Open space preservation benefits the environment, enhances quality of place and fosters a vibrant, healthy community. Not only do these spaces improve life and learning for residents and visitors, they also preserve natural grounds for some of Grand County’s greatest treasures, including the elk, moose and bighorn sheep that call this valley home. Almost 70 percent of Roam is preserved as open space.

Adjacent Forest

Roam borders the Arapaho National Forest and James Peak Wilderness area. More than 100,000 acres of untouched land surrounds us, and it’s part of who we are. The beauty of the land is central to our mission and the way we develop and live.

“Roam is a major achievement for Winter Park, and this is a defining moment in the growth and future of our town. This development will help ensure that as we evolve, we do so smartly, respectfully, and with the same 'Colorado Unfiltered' spirit we’ve had here for generations. With Roam, we continue the legacy of doing right by the town and people of Winter Park.”

Catherine Ross, Executive Director of the Winter Park Chamber